Cooper Stairworks

In our stairs we use high quality Zipbolt Hardware. We are proud to craft our stairs with these quality, time saving products and are happy to be able to share them with you for use in your projects. Thank you for visiting our store. If you have any questions please call our tech support line 508-235-4397.

Dave, you provided some zipbolt angled slipfix railbolts to me back a couple of months ago and asked that I respond with some feedback. I can tell you one thing for sure, if I ever have to install another stair rail, I will use the zipbolt line of products without question. With very little experience, we were able to watch the videos on YouTube and install two sections of handrail in about an hour. It was amazing. The guy who helped me has more experience with installing hand rails (not much more) and he said they were amazing and that it made the install process amazingly less complicated. Thank you for sending me the bolts and I can assure you I will never use anything else. -- 

Toby Crafton